A collection of my musings and interests

mostly amateur radio related but not necessarily always so. 

I also put up the site MIRAMICHI AREA VHF NET to see if I got any interest.

Gary Bogle (email me)

YSF and DMR info:

YSF gear - Yaesu FTM 7250 DR (FM/Fusion)

DMR gear - Retevis RT3s (FM/DMR)

DMR MARC number 3020980

using pi-star with a Pi Zero W on a MMDVMHost

Locally, I often check into the  Maritme net (3.750 MHz),  the White Cane Social Hour net (3.770 MHz),

the PL net (3.735 MHz),  the IRG nets on VHF, the Wake Up net via VE1SDR on VHF,

and the WestCumb net on VHF via VE1SDR.  Always looking for new nets to check into..

HF equipment info:

Kenwood TS-570D, Kenwood TS 440 AT

MFJ Versa Tuner, SignaLink  USB, 80-10M dipoles, 10/6M verticals

Ham Radio Deluxe, FLDIGI, wsjtx-2.0.0

Fact of the Day

My first "radio"

A dream come true...

Going to school and being able to play at the same time with a

multi band/multi mode station - even 6M and 2M am!

YouTube video - "A Walk through Hamvention 2019"

Weather Underground PWS IMUSQUAS2